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Fabulous Freefrom Chocovered Peanuts 65g

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About the brand

Our business success should be put towards the benefit of others; both human and animal, whilst allowing people to indulge in a little bit of what they fancy.”

Deborah & Joseph

Fabulous Freefrom Factory is a family-owned business, driven by a passion for creating the best tasting dairy-free treats.

Long before the current vegan and vegetarian trend exploded, husband and wife team Joseph and Deborah sought to establish an ethical, dairy free chocolate brand.

Both felt strongly that lactose intolerants, vegans and vegetarians should have the same great taste and quality treats available to them.

In order to make this dream come true, they both left their successful careers; Joseph as Director of Buying for supermarket giant Waitrose and Deborah as a food assortments creator for a high-end food retailer to start the Fabulous Freefrom Factory; where they are now joined by the second generation; their son Calum.

Joseph and Deborah wanted to develop something truly unique in the Free From sector. At the time a very limited assortment of dairy free chocolate bars dominated the Free From aisles.

Some were “milk” chocolate alternative’s, although the vast majority were raw, dark chocolate and naturally didn’t contain milk products. This didn’t hit the spot for the majority of milk chocolate lovers out there!

What Joseph and Deborah couldn’t understand was why if there were dairy free “milk” chocolate alternatives, the only option was a chocolate bar. Where was the diversity of product available?

The answer was simple; producing a solid chocolate, or dairy free chocolate bar is a fairly simple process. Covering, coating, enrobing or panning is not!

Set on a course to “coat something” Joseph and Deborah looked into how this could be achieved. Panning is the process of engrossing, or finishing round products with chocolate, or sugar.

Carried out by artisans, panning is a dying art that can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. It is all about watching, hearing and feeling the products (with clean hands!!).

In the early days Joseph and Deborah were making batches of 60kg at a time (the minimum quantity for 1 drum) and hand packing into block bottom bags.

Forward thinking buyers within a handful of Supermarkets and Independents were quick to recognise the uniqueness of the product and started trialing in a few of their stores.

The Fabulous Freefrom Factory is now listed in most major supermarkets, many independents and has some of the best customers a business could wish for.

Recycling vs composting vs bio degradable

Our products require packaging in order to sit on the supermarket shelf, or be delivered to your door. When we decided on our packaging there were a number of factors we had to consider. As a responsible company we want to do our bit.

In an ideal world, all materials would be reused and recycled several times before eventually being composted.

Our research has shown that there are interpretations to the term compostable and the processes involved. A very small amount of packaging can be composted in your garden, while the rest has to be sorted and sent to facilities across the UK and the wider world for processing.

If these compostable items are put with general waste, they take longer to break down and if put in with the recycling they can become a contaminant.

For this reason instead of going for the best headline shout we decided to opt for a recyclable packaging option and are currently researching options suitable for garden composting.

All our packaging is carefully considered and recyclable.


We love animals and feel strongly about treating them with the respect they deserve. That’s why we contribute a percentage of our annual profits to Kapsa, an animal charity in Turkey doing really good work with the street dogs. Over the past 8 years Deborah and Joseph have rescued 2 dogs via Kapsa and 1 dog from Dubai.


We support the Children's Starlight Charity, a national children’s charity dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families.


As members of the Vegetarian Society, all of our ingredients are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We choose not to associate with societies who endorse 'may contain milk/eggs/fish' as an alibi statement whilst purporting to be vegan or vegetarian.

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and can be traced back to origin.

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